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About Us -LTIF

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LT International is a specialist Global Futures Broker with operations across the world. LT International has been providing global futures services to institutional and retail clients for over 60 years and continues to expand its global business currently with operating businesses with ten offices in six countries providing dedicated full global futures market coverage.

LT International customers have access to global markets through regulated wholly owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Mumbai and New Jersey, Our clients can use LT International’s expansive trading operations and array of electronic trading platforms to access and trade the futures markets.

We recognize the importance of doing your due diligence when choosing the right brokerage firm. From our extensive background in the futures industry to our rock-solid financials, we invite you to see why thousands of clients trust us. LT International focuses on client dedication through a full range of superior services allowing our clients to trade, while we take care of the rest.

LT International has experienced significant growth and expansion in its futures business over the past decade, taking it from an originally Asian-based specialist to a pre-eminent global futures operation. Our strong balance sheet, effective risk management and diversification of business continue to provide opportunities for further development.

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